Congratulations on the wedding wrapped in biscuits

A wedding is an unforgettable event for the bride and groom and their guests. At the start of their married life together, the bride and groom receive a multitude of good wishes and advice. Our fortune cookies offer a modern alternative to conveying congratulations on the wedding.

The messages in the fortune cookies can be varied. From funny sayings about married life to good wishes and romantic verses, there are no limits to creativity. A special gift can also be a supply of the small treat for half a year. Gradually, small vouchers for attention and favors for the couple are "cracked", such as an invitation to dinner or a voucher for mowing the lawn or babysitting.

Say thank you with fortune cookies

Fortune cookies also offer the opportunity to thank the guests for coming, the gifts, the great evening and the loving support. It is possible to give the same thank you to each guest, or to convey a unique message. Each wedding fortune cookie can contain your own text.

So that there is no confusion, we have the free cookie markings on the packaging. This can be removed before giving as a gift. So there is the right message at every place and the surprise is perfect.

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